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The first Data Science Bootcamp in CDMX
Designed, managed, and delivered by data scientists
Our programs train professionals in Data Science, Analytics, Machine Learning, Applied Statistics, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence.
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What is Data Science? / What does a Data Scientist do?

Data Science is the interdisciplinary field that leverages a wide range of analytical tools to solve problems.

A data scientist can make sense of data and is well versed in Applied Statistics, Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Data Wrangling, Natural Processing Language, and Artificial Intelligence.

Data Scientists from our academy are:

Technically skilled

Understanding the theoretical background of Data Science is important--almost as important as understanding its limitations

Creative problem solvers

They think about solutions and their implementations, from the quick wins to more complex iterations

Fantastic team players

We firmly believe in a duty to be catalysts of change and bring out the best in others

Great communicators

Crystal-clear communciation is the currency of great ideas. Our graduates are able to explain complex problems in simple terms and communicate clearly with others

You will provide insights that drive decision making

You will play a key role in any organization

Our Bootcamp

Launch your career as a data scientist in 10 weeks

Technical Skills

You will spend 20+ hours per week using technical skills to solve business cases. This includes programming in R, Python, H2O as well as using Tableau, Azure, and Google's Tensorflow

Business Acumen

You will learn how to translate insights from data into business solutions and gain practical experience on thriving industries and most common business cases

Career Coaching

You will have access to a mentor to consult your development. Your career coach will help you to prepare for technical interviews

Create a Network

You will graduate our bootcamp ready to be a subject matter expert. But should you need to bounce ideas, your peers and mentors are only a click away

Soft skills

Graduate as a well rounded professional highly capable of collaborate, who knows when to lead and when to follow

Hiring Fair

We will help you land a job where you can put your abilities to good use and we will guide you every step of the process

Engage with Data Science Academy Mexico

Whether you want to learn more about Data Science, kickstart a career in Data Science, or hire data scientists, we have an option for you

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10-week Bootcamp


Classes start: 27/May/2019
Daily Classes 9AM-5PM
Weekly Projects
Monthly Milestones
Final Project
Career Fair: 29/Jul/2019

Weekend Courses


Classes start: TBA
Part-time classes
Bi-weekly Projects
Monthly Milestones
Final Project

Business Engagements


On-site engagements
Technical reviews
Project kickoff
Certification prep

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What are the most useful tools for Data Science?

These are the some of the most relevant technologies and frameworks in Data Science
During your bootcamp you will use plenty of:

Who is hiring data scientists in Mexico?

Both large international firms and smaller local businesses need data scientists to support their decision making

Meet some of your potential employers

Some stats about our Data Science bootcamp

This is the perfect time to start a career in Data Science

Technical hours including theory, tutorials, practice, and presenting your findings
Soft skills hours including leadership, teamwork, and effective communication
Hands-on real-data projects that you may include in your portfolio
More than 250 Data Science jobs in Mexico listed on linkedin

Our network

These are some testimonials from our alumni, current students, hiring partners, and members of our board

  • The bootcamp program at Data Science Academy Mexico is one of the most ambitious programs for data science out there.
    We look forward to interviewing the first generation of graduates!
    Kenneth Lewis
    Founder and CEO at MexMax
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Our 10-week bootcamp is especially designed to help you start a career in Data Science in record time

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Our facutly and partners can help you tackle your most pressing Analytics challenges

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